Wednesday, March 21, 2012


(Comes in Sour Apple and Tangy Orange

N'Sane; the name really does speak for itself.
As a sucker for high-energy pre-workouts, this is ideal for anyone like me.
I also work all day, so I'm typically pretty tired when it comes to making my way to the gym in the evening after work. I sip on this about 30 minutes before my workout and by the time I hit the gym I am READY TO ROCK IT! 

If you are a beginner and have not experimented with pre-workout drinks before 
I would suggest maybe only using 1/4 scoop of the N'Sane. 
Intermediate: 1/2 scoop. 
Advanced: 1 scoop.

Why should you have a pre-workout drink? 
-Amazing Energy
-Maximizes strength & endurance
-Sharpens your focus
-Promotes lean muscle growth

A few key ingredients that really make N'Sane better than any other pre-workout: 
L-Arginine AAKG

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(comes in Natural flavor and Fruit Punch
No matter what you're doing through out your day, something even as simple as walking to your car; your body is constantly trying to break down both fat and muscle to make energy. When it comes to our body breaking down the fat, that sounds great! But we must preserve the muscle we have worked so hard to build. 
What does IBCAA stand for? 
Instantized Branched Chain Amino Acids
 What's the difference between IBCAA's and BCAA's? 
The I in IBCAA stands for Instantized; which means your hungry muscles will absorb these amino acids at a much faster rate than BCAA's. IBCAA's are far more effective in speeding up recovery and producing more endurance and strength, opposed to just BCAA's. 
Why should you take IBCCA's?
-Muscle preservation 
-Burns fat
-Increases lean muscle growth
-Gives you more strength & endurance 
-Speeds up recovery

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30 minutes prior to my workout I will mix 1/2 scoop of N'Sane with 1 scoop of IBCAA's for the most successful workout.

I also sip on IBCAA's through out my workout as well

Both of these products are available at Nutrishop :)

God Bless & Stay Tuned...
(my latest progress pic! STAY MOTIVATED)


  1. You look amazing!! Keep up the good! You are an inspiration! Berta