Friday, June 29, 2012

Yes, I eat PANCAKES!! :)
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Monday, June 25, 2012

mmmmm ...

I have stumbled upon a little slice of heaven; a clean pizza! The crust is made from cauliflower and egg whites!! Say what?! Yep, you read right! This recipe will make a 10-12" pizza! Check it out & enjoy! 

Ingredients for crust: 
PAM Cooking Spray 
1/2 head of Cauliflower 
3 Egg whites 
(you can add Italian seasoning, Garlic, or even Rosemary if you wish!) 

Toppings; this is where YOU can get creative! 
I used:
1/2 cup Jennie O Extra Lean Ground Turkey (Grilled Chicken is a great choice as well!!) 
4 Tbsp Grated Parmesan Cheese (Total fat= 1.5g per Tbsp) 
1 Tbsp Crushed Red Pepper
1 Roma Tomato 
1/2 cup Spinach 
1/4 cup Green Onion 

Wash your cauliflower. Grate the cauliflower until it's like little beads or the size of rice. Make sure to grate the cauliflower to a very fine consistency (I used my food processor and used the grating blade.) 

* Sorry I forgot to take a picture of what the cauliflower should look like!! :(

(In the meantime you should be browning your lean ground turkey or grilling your chicken, whichever you decided to top your pizza with!) 

Place the cauliflower into a microwave safe container and cover. Microwave on high for 
4-5 minutes until the cauliflower has become tender. But not completely mushy. (you're only microwaving the cauliflower, DO NOT add water!)  

Mix the 3 egg whites with the cooked cauliflower. Spray 12" pan with cooking spray and pour crust batter into pan. You will cook until both sides of the batter are cooked to a firm, light brown texture. 

FOUR: Preheat oven to 450. Spray your pizza baking sheet, or like I did just a piece of foil, with cooking spray.
FIVE: Place your cooked crust on the foil/baking sheet. And add all of your chosen toppings! Place in your oven at 450 degrees for 15-20 minutes.

I used my awesome toaster oven! :)

And you're done! Enjoy your oh-so forgiving slice of heaven! 

God Bless & Stay Tuned...

xoxo Britaña

Friday, June 22, 2012

Negative energy?!...what's that!? 

I have trained myself to rid my life of situations and people that bring negative energy. 
These people and situations do absolutely nothing for me as I'm trying to lead a prosperous life. 
I have ambitions, things that I'm passionate about and things in which I genuinely enjoy doing...if you're going to hate on what I'm doing with my life and not be behind me or apart of my team, you won't even have time to watch me proudly walk away from you.  

My parents raised me to treat people as though I wish to be treated. It's the golden rule, duh. So it's naturally in my character to treat others with genuine kindness and respect. I was also raised to admire and appreciate the diversity of individuals and their unique passions. Every person has different niches, passions and ambitions. So if I support theirs', why wouldn't they support and encourage mine; a question that still leaves me dumbfounded. 

In the end, I win regardless. Because I've learned that no matter what situation I may find myself in I will always be my biggest supporter. Shoot, I'm my biggest competition. People and their hating remarks and insinuations will watch me reap from their hate; because their hate is actually my superior motivation.  

So, Britaña's words of wisdom for you all on this beautiful Friday...

Surround yourself with people who understand your passions, encourage you to exceed your own expectations and unconditionally support you. As for the rest, they're simply negative energy that you have the power to walk away from. 

Happy Friday my loves! Be your best today, no matter what you're doing. :) 

God Bless & Stay Tuned...
xoxo Britaña

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

When choosing your protein..

Both females and males tell me all the time that they have their protein intake taken care of. So when I ask what they're consuming, the most common answer is: "Just a Whey." 

There has always been a great debate on how much protein we need. But the question that should be more importantly asked is that of how much of that protein are you actually absorbing?

Eating vs. Absorbing: 

We automatically think that because we can't absorb all of the protein from a steak or chicken breast because of low stomach acid, it would be a better choice to consume a Whey protein in liquid form. Well, that would be wrong. We only digest a small amount of Whey protein. I, too, was surprised to find this out. 

It takes an hour and a half for a plain Whey protein to pass through the section of the gut that can actually absorb it. Liquids rush through the GI tract too quickly and only a small amount of protein can be absorbed during normal transit time.

The main point to be made aside from this is that the maximum rate that Whey protein can be absorbed is about 8-10 grams PER HOUR. 

For example: 

If I drank a 30 gram plain Whey Protein Shake, being that I can only absorb 10 grams every hour, it's going to take me THREE hours to absorb all of that protein!    
(30 grams/ 10 grams per hour = 3 hours) 

And you might be thinking, well what's so wrong with that?? Well remember, we only have an hour and a half to absorb Whey protein, therefore we stand no chance at absorbing the full amount of a 30 gram plain Whey protein shake....maybe 10 grams of that protein max. And the other 20 grams? Well, they go wasted.

Check out this detailed study that proves my point :) 

So what can we do to increase Absorption? 

Explaining this can get super complex and confusing so I'll keep it simple. We have a better chance at fully absorbing Whey when we slow down the transit time. So when Whey is combined with other proteins such as Casein and Egg, it will highly increase our absorption rate. :) So when choosing a post-workout Protein or a meal supplement always try to go with a blend

Here are three protein blends I highly recommend for both Males AND Females: 

  All 3 are available at Nutrishop! 

God Bless & Stay Tuned....
xoxo Britaña

Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Monday!! :) 

Are you having a hard time drinking the daily suggested amount of water? (8-12 glasses a day)

It can be tough, I understand. I used to hate drinking water. I now drink a gallon to a gallon and a half per day. But I, too, need to add some flavor to my water from time to time. 
Here is my favorite recipe (inspired by IFBB Bikini Pro Sonia Gonzales ) to help me get my water intake for the day!


Clean Lemonade!! 
If I'm making a whole gallon of my special Lemonade, I will do 4 packets of Stevia and about one cup of 100% Lemon Juice (and of course you can also squeeze fresh lemons yourself!) 
It really depends on your sweet/bitter/not-so-sweet preference; you may need to add more or less to satisfy your little tastebuds! Either way, this lemonade is completely forgiving and delicious! 
Enjoy my loves :) 

God Bless & Stay Tuned...

xoxo Britaña 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Hi Everyone!

With working full time, training my booty off in the gym and trying to have that sought after thing we like to call a social life, the world of blogging becomes fogged in the chaos of having a hectic schedule. BUT I have promised myself that I would merely post a quick tip every other day to at least keep my readers intrigued.

One tip every other day; whether it be a fitness tip, healthy recipe, girly stuff, product reviews, life/relationship stuff...just ONE quick tip every other day. I can totally do this! 

P.S. I've missed you all 

God Bless & Stay Tuned...
xoxo Britaña